HEC Ranking for Engineering Universities

Yesterday, the newspaper enclosed HEC ranking pamphlet for Universities. All the Universities were placed in different categories. The pamphlet included ranking criterion as well. Teaching quality and Research were allocated the highest scoring criteria of 30 and 41 respectively.

I am sharing info. regarding Engineering Universities. All students who are interested in studying Engineering this is the best time to decide which University you want to opt for.

Top 10 Engineering Universities according to HEC Rankings

For complete info visit: http://www.hec.gov.pk/english/universities/Documents/Ranking_Doc%20(2015).pdf

Talent Everywhere: Ebad Syed


As I had a really positive response on my previous blog post titled, “Talent Everywhere“, I set out to search new talent and the sea of the internet brought to me another pearl enclosed in a shell waiting to be discovered, “Ebad Syed“.

Through these posts, I intend to promote talented students especially Engineers. Since I always feel unappreciated, by admiring others I feel as if someone has admired me.

Although Ebad wanted me to do this blog post in February, I thought today is the right day to give him some exposure. He’ll be updating content on his blog soon, so make sure you guys check out his site. He is an Electrical Engineering Undergrad with a passion for Robotics.


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Finally, I received my PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) certificate by post today… Now I am officially a registered engineer after almost a year of my passing. Although I feel extremely happy on receiving it, there is a fear too associated. The letter enclosed states that:

  1. For the renewal of my Engineering status, I had to earn 9 credit points within 3 years of my certificate issuance, 12 credit points in next 3 years and five credit points per year thereafter for renewal of registration.
  2. A registered engineer is required to appear for EPE after five years of initial registration and acquire at least 17 credit points.

Woo, how the hell in the world I am gonna do that? There are almost no chances of my getting employed any sooner. How can I arrange money to register for the workshops that PEC conduct to earn credit points or give the test? It’s total shit… Even after all the hard work, people doubt you and your credibility. You have to prove it time and again. I don’t know about others, but I know that I passed all my courses fair and square.

My Engineering status is valid till 2018. I have one year to call myself as Engr. Mehwish Younus. After that, I will just be Mehwish like always. And I am okay and happy with it… 🙂



The theory behind round roti

These days I am learning to make Pakistani and most of South Asian’s major staple food, “The flat bread/Roti/Chapati”… Although it’s a little too late for my age to start learning the process that involves in making it, as they as, “Daer aye durast aye”

It’s never too late to start learning something new.

I always want to involve myself in household chores, however, my family never lets me do so… I find them confusing! When I am in the phase of studying and have no time to do household chores, they say, Kuch ni karti tm, you never do anything, and when I do something, they say, Chordo, leave it…

In the year 2015, I was finally able to learn cooking with the help of my eldest sister. She taught me the recipe to few curries and mixed veggies. And in the month of December 2016, I started to make the roti; my mother assists me in it.

Why learning to make roti is so important in Pakistani culture? Well, the answer to that is covered by a theory, I don’t know who in the world came up with that! It is said that if a girl cooks perfectly round roti’s, she is well-mannered and a perfect fit to be a future bride! Strange theories!

Guys and girls, the moment of the verdict is here! My first good looking roti.. Already made 6 or 7.

Do you guys think I am a perfect lady, judging on the basis of the circumference of my roti? Or am I still making maps and need some more training? Let me know in the comments section!

Old is gold: Don’t know how I feel, words can’t describe (part 2)


Millions of words, still impossible to write,
What I feel for you is hard to describe.

And yesterday we were just friends, today we are more,
From your innocence to your smile everything I adore.

Taking glances and hoping that you won’t know,
Yeah, I see you everyday but my impatience has no cure.

Millions of feelings, I tried and tried,
But it’s difficult, true love is impossible to hide..

You can love once, you can love twice but if you love thrice that’ll be a sacrifice…

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Talent Everywhere: Amna Ejaz


Yesterday night I was running a regular search on WordPress, when I came across a blog knowamnaejaz.wordpress.com.

Pakistan is filled with talented students. And everyone has their own journey and struggle that needs to be heard! The internet is a pool of data, and some of us are never found!

Learn about Amna’s Engineering journey; her projects, hobbies and time spent at NED University on her blog.